Cache Valley’s Healthy Home Specialist

We build a Healthy, Comfortable, and quality home.

Airtight is built right. A healthy home is a tight home. A Simple Group home is a healthy home. As Cache Valley’s healthiest builder, when it’s red air outside you will always have green air inside guaranteed.

Our Fresh Air Home by Simple Group incorporates an ERV to bring in clean, fresh air. We’ll make your home your sanctuary.


An airtight home is a comfortable home. No more hot and cold spots.

Clean & Fresh

It’s Simple, clean air is healthy air. Breath Easy with your Fresh Air System.


An airtight home is a quiet home.

Our Fresh Air System

Good health is priceless. Simple Group’s standard is always a Fresh Air Home. We guarantee the healthiest home you will live in. Our Fresh Air System focuses on the fundamentals:

Fresh Air Home

Your tight home starts with our Fresh Air System. We clean the air you breath.

Your Tight Home

Means we can filter it right. Always enjoy a green air day, even when it’s smoggy.

Healthy Home Standards

Every room is a comfortable room. Every home is a comfortable home.